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Our Professional Services

As we know that cleaning activities take a major portion of your time therefore we extend our helping hand to share some of your work. We aim at cleaning your most important assets; sofa, chairs and carpet. These are the objects that easily get polluted and at the same time these need to be kept in perfect condition.


Featured Services

Sofa Cleaning

This could seem as an easy to do task but takes heavy toll of your time and energy. We ensure that with our sofa cleaning and shampooing services all your worries would be gone without much hassle.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are more prone to dust and therefore we pay more emphasis on cleaning your carpets and shampoo them in every 15 day. We use latest technologies to clean your carpets till the core.

Chair Cleaning

Chairs are the daily use objects and thus need to be maintained and cleaned properly every day. We offer our regular cleaning services for chair and also shampoo them before a single stain is visible.

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